Terms & Conditions

Kindly  contact 0303972648 / 0571151996 / 0261678100 / 0205028376  and return damaged product within 48hours after delivery

Kindly contact  0303972648 / 0571151996 / 0261678100 / 0205028376 incase you have any issue or whatsoever regarding your product purchased 


We offer free nationwide deliveries on most of our items sold. Its only for selected few that our customers will pay for deliveries

·         Payment by cash /mobile money,  we do not accept  cheques

·         Mode of transaction - once a customer expresses  interest in any of our product we make arrangement with them and deliver the product  at the comfort of their homes or offices. The customer then inspects the product and makes payment to that effect.


Orders outside Accra, two payment options available

v  Customer will have to make payment through mobile money and once we confirm receipt of payment we then package  and send  parcel to them  through vip bus or any form of transport to the customers  exact  location within the country . The person then picks up the package at the station

v  Also the customer can choose to transfer the money to someone he/she knows in accra ,   we then  take the person’s details and deliver  the product  within accra , the person inspect the product and makes payment to that effect

Return policy;

*      Customers have up to 48 hours to report  faulty, damaged or  malfunctioning product upon receipt , failure to do so means the customer has accepted the product  and is satisfied with  his/her  purchase

We shall exchange faulty or damaged product should such complains reach to us within the stipulated period of  time, on the contrary should the client request  for  a refund  an      administrative charge  and delivery fee totaling 25gh cedis will be taken from the total amount the customer paid to us.



Pre- order purchase



ü  Pre-order allows our customers to place advance orders and make payment for items that are yet to be shipped from our suppliers to Ghana


ü  Usually customers receive product two month after making payment but for Express delivery to Ghana customers can contact  ( +233303972648, +233261678100) for further discussions,  Express Pre- orders are likely to attract extra cost


ü  Pre- orders can only be cancelled within five hours after making payment,  in such cases we will offer full refund to our customer


ü  In instances  whereby pre - orders are cancelled at a laiter stage when the order has been shipped from our suppliers we shall not offer any refund or whatsoever to the customer