• Potluck Lunch Box

Now easier to bring more food without any stress. Equipped with a shoulder strap to allow it to be easily carried anywhere. Consisting of 3 stainless steel food cases for 3 different dishes. The Potluck Lunch Box can keep your food items hot or cold for up to 8 hours and coupled with the safety lock button which is a special button that serves to open and close the lunchbox so that it becomes more practical and safe makes it the ideal lunch box for both the old and young


Potluck Lunch Box
Elegantly & stylishly customized for your family needs
Suitable for soup, stews, hot or cold drinks & salads
Suitable to be brought to the office, school, or camping
Plastic liner, removable stainless steel food containers
Easy to clean
Safety lock button
Ergonomically handle
Shoulder strap
Rubber knob
8 hour warm or cold
Bath side holder
A Potluck Lunch Box consist of
3 x Stainless steel food case of 0.8 litres each
It can be heated directly on any heat source
2 x Plastic water cup of 0.6 litres each
2 x Plastic spoon
1 x Plastic handle

Potluck Lunch Box

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